Burma’s “Democracy” Increasingly Brought into Question

by Admin on March 29, 2013

As we cover the budding “democracy” in Burma, we continue to see more pundits, activists, and human rights organizations questioning the validity of the country’s claimed moved towards democratization.

Just as often as we see draconian censorship laws lifted, we see new media regulations re-installed. As financial reform unfolds and western corporations begin investing, ethnic cleansing continues to occur. Burmese government officials and law enforcement agencies seem to continue following the ways of a junta-led past; and abuses occur with no accountability.

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Activist Post writer Tony Cartalucci describes this phenomena in “Western Media Celebrates Faux Progress in Myanmar.”

He criticizes a Los Angeles Times article that wrongfully describes the headway Myanmar has made in the past year towards liberalization:

“The Times’ article is particularly deceitful on several fronts. First, such “progress” has not been underway for even a year, and considering the level of repression we have been told exists in Myanmar, nothing resembling a “free,” “open,” or “independent” nation could take shape in such short time even with the best intentions and most expedient reform policies in place. What the Times and its corporate-financier sponsors are really celebrating is the open doors their long ousted corporate-financier interests are now enjoying after decades of exclusion. “


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Meanwhile, in Burma…

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