China Passes Film Industry Law

by Admin on November 9, 2016

Law targets box-office fraud and movies that may be deemed harmful to China’s core values


China has passed the first law to govern the fast growing film industry in the country reports Xinhua News.

The law will incur stiff penalties for box-office fraud and video piracy and will only allow movies that project the “socialist core ideas” of China.

Movie theaters and distributors that advertise false box-office readings will receive penalties of up to 500,000 Yuan and if their sales exceed 500,000 Yuan, they will be fined up to five times their illegitimate earnings reports Xinhua.

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The law also stipulates that anyone employed in the film industry should possess excellent moral character and maintain self discipline.

China is the second largest film industry in the world, next to Hollywood. Recent reports indicate that it will soon take over the number one spot as early as next year. Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing was named one of the highest paid actresses in the world by Forbes earlier this year.

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