Requiring Children to Take Father’s Name Ruled ‘Unlawful’ in Italy

by Admin on November 9, 2016

Change seen as a victory in battle against patriarchy


A court in Italy has ruled against regulations that required children to take only their father’s name after birth marking the end of a long and legal battle against patriarchy in the country.

According to a report by The Guardian, the court declared “the unlawfulness of rules providing for the automatic attribution of the paternal surname to legitimate children, when the parents wish otherwise.”

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The decision came during an appeal made by an Italian Brazilian couple who wanted their child to have both the parents’ surnames. The lawyer argued that denying the mother’s right to use her surname violated the principle of equality between sexes.

The move was welcomed by campaigners and women’s rights activists. Democratic Party deputy Fabrizia Giuliani is quoted as saying, “The constitutional court has taken a decision of great importance for our society.”

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