China’s Cyber Security Law Goes into Effect Thursday

by Admin on May 30, 2017

Businesses have pushed towards having the overreaching law delayed

China’s cyber security law passed in November is set to go into effect this Thursday.

According to Reuters, businesses will now be required to maintain “strict data surveillance and storage”.  The law also “bans online service providers from collecting and selling users’ personal information and gives users the right to have their information deleted, in cases of abuse.”

Anyone found in violation of these rules will face hefty fines.

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Several foreign business groups have pushed for implementation of the law to be delayed. They fear that the government is working towards shutting out foreign companies from sectors that the country deems “critical”.

China already practices wide internet censorship with websites such as Google, Facebook and Youtube already banned in the country.

Thailand’s Computer Crimes law is also set to go into effect this May which bans any content that is deemed a threat to national security and public morality.

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