Encephalitis Vaccine Kills 3 in India

by Admin on October 11, 2016

Japanese encephalitis has claimed up to 75 lives in India13383716683_0934538b43_bPhoto by Pan American Health Organization

In the fight against the spread of Japanese encephalitis in India, which has claimed the lives of up to 75 children, JE vaccines have been administered in the country.

The administration of JE vaccines turned fatal in the case of 3 children hailing from West Tripura, a village in the Northeast of India.

The 3 victims, Krittika Das (10), Ariful Ishlam Maishan (12) and Shoheli Debbarma (14) were all administered the JE vaccine. According to Times of India, Kritika and Ariful developed high fever shortly after receiving the injection.

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Ariful was administered the vaccine on May 23rd and died on May 29th due to multi organ failure. Kritika was given the vaccine on May 25th and died from a measles infection soon after. Shoheli died on May 31st, 4 days after receiving a JE shot.

The union ministry of health and family welfare has sent four experts to the village to conduct investigations into the deaths. TOI reports the same vaccine was administered to other parts of the countries with no deaths resulted.

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