Transgender Teens to Receive Free Hormone Therapy in NY

by Admin on October 11, 2016

Only adults are covered by Medicaid to receive hormone therapyflag-1184117_960_720

The New York State Health Department announced that it will make Medicaid covered hormone therapy available for youths as reported by the NY Times.

The proposed rule would allow minors suffering from gender dysphoria to get medically covered puberty suppressants and cross sex hormone therapy. The rule had previously provided Medicaid coverage for hormone therapy but only for adults.

The rule is said to initially undergo a 45 day comment period, after which the State can officially adopt it.

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Sasha Buchert, a lawyer who has been under the Medicaid coverage says that it is a “significant step forward” for the transgender community with regards to healthcare.

New York isn’t the only state that allows Medicaid coverage for transgender hormone therapy. Pennsylvania updated their law in July this year to cover all medically necessary gender transition services.

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