Gang Raped British Woman Arrested for Extramarital Sex in Dubai

by Admin on November 21, 2016

Woman unable to leave the country after authorities seized her passport


A 25 year old British tourist was arrested in Dubai after she had reported being gang raped to the police reports Independent.

According to the report, the woman was sexually assaulted by two British nationals while on vacation in the United Arab Emirates. She reported the incident to the police who then, allegedly, arrested her for having extramarital relations.

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The police have also seized her passport forcing her to stay in the country. The woman is said to be out on bail and living with a British family and could possibly face a trial in court.

If found guilty of the alleged crime, the woman could serve a jail term, be deported, flogged or even stoned to death.

Under the UAE’s archaic legal system, proof of rape requires a confession from the rapist or witness statements from four adult men. Several countries have called for a change in the legal system but little change has been seen.

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