Korean Prostitutes Demand Decriminalization of Sex Industry

by Admin on October 8, 2015

Sex workers in Korea are requesting that their industry be decriminalized, and adopting Amnesty International’s lead.

Two weeks ago protesters took to the streets, disguised in sunglasses, baseball caps and surgical face-masks, chanting “Repeal the anti-prostitution law!” “We are workers!” “Adopt Amnesty’s declaration!”

This is the latest in a number of countries who are considering moving to, or have already made moves towards, decriminalizing sex work.

Amnesty International voted in August to decriminalize the selling of sex, in order to protect the rights of prostitutes. Those who buy sex from a prostitute will still be breaking the law.

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This was initially known as the “Swedish model” as Sweden was the first to adopt this law change, Norway and Iceland followed suit not long after due to it’s success.

The Amnesty vote alone does not legally change anything; however it’s thought that this will influence lawmakers.

Parts of Europe have adopted or are planning to model Amnesty’s example, including Spain and Ukraine.

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