Ukraine to Legalize Prostitution

by Admin on September 23, 2015

A draft law has been registered in Ukraine to legalize prostitution, Pravda reports.

In a move proposed by member of parliament Andrei Nemirovsky, the explanatory note states that “the development of Ukraine as a European state raises the need for legal regulation in the sphere of prostitution and sex institutions.”

Image Credit: Valdemar Fishmen (Flickr)
The Ukrainian Flag. Image Credit: Valdemar Fishmen (Flickr)

Prostitution is legal in some parts of Europe, and countries such as Norway, Iceland and Spain have in recent years followed the example of the so-called “Swedish model,” which decriminalizes the selling, but not the buying of sex. This model intends to protect the rights of women and decrease human trafficking.

If the law is passed, Ukraine will no doubt see the support of Amnesty International, who recently voted to decriminalize prostitution, in a move that caused both celebration and outrage.

The Netherlands has for years held a reputation for its red light districts and legal prostitution. Those who disagree with Amnesty International’s vote argue that since the country legalized the trade, the rates of human trafficking have actually increased – the opposite of what was expected. It has been reported that most foreign prostitutes working in the Netherlands in the 1970’s were from Thailand.

Unlike the Netherlands, where sex tourism is legitimate, one of the greatest myths experienced by visitors to Thailand is that prostitution is legal in the country. In fact, there are very strict sex laws in Thailand. Thailand lawyers are used to dealing with prostitution and sexual exploitation cases, although unfortunately authorities all too often turn a blind eye.

Perhaps the solution to combating many of the issues associated with prostitution will be the rise of sex robots. Such dolls are expected to take over red light districts by 2050.

Interestingly, as more countries contemplate following Sweden, and now Amnesty’s example, Ireland has recently gone the other way.

Read the full story here.

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