New Battle over Child Vaccinations

by Admin on September 13, 2016

Doctor’s license might be taken because he wrote a ‘no more vaccines’ note for his 2 year old patientBaby was receiving his scheduled vaccine injection in his right

Parents who are concerned about vaccinating their children have raised their opinions on the Medical Board of California’s decision to pull the license of a California pediatrician, Dr. Robert Sears who is considered a “hero in the anti vaccination world” according to the Los Angeles Times.

The decision by the Medical Board came after Sears reportedly issued a doctor’s note for his two year old patient that said no more routine childhood vaccines should be administered to the boy for the duration of his childhood.

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In its accusation, the board said that Sears made the decision without even obtaining any medical information such as a detailed history of vaccines that the boy had previously received along with any allergic reactions he might have had towards them.

Pro-vaccinators support the board’s decision in enforcing the new California law that enables parents to send their kids to school only if the children have had proper inoculations or a doctor’s note exempting them from it.

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