Hot! Outrage at California Mandatory Vaccine Law


 Mandatory vaccines pushed on Californians creates outrage as opponents criticize danger of toxicity.


In California, a recent law making vaccinations mandatory has created an upheaval of controversy.

According to Inquisitr  ‘some in the Golden State say the vaccine law is leaving them no choice but to leave the place they call home. Those against the new mandate say the shots, which are meant to protect children from several childhood diseases, are designed to bolster Big Pharma profits’.

On Friday 1 July, a mandatory vaccination bill was approved and took effect, much to the dismay and anger of many parents and opponents of the new law.


The change in legislation demands that any new student wanting to enroll into a school must be vaccinated and will be rejected from the seventh grade if they are not up to date with all the mandatory shots.

‘California Democrats, led by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), the author of the vaccine bill, pushed for passage.’
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