Police State News: Connecticut Cops Beat Tasered Man

by Admin on January 29, 2013

Want to see something slightly alarming? Check out this video of Connecticut cops beating a man they first tasered to the ground.

After the police chase the man, he noticeably falls to the ground after being tasered. Both cops then begin kicking him, as he lays on the grass motionless. A third cop joins the group, and begins kicking the man as well.

The man remains unresponsive on the ground.

While the video was uploaded this month, sources say it dates back to 2011. The city of Bridgeport’s Officer of Internal Affairs is investigating the three police officers, who were put on paid leave on January 18, 2013.

NAACP is calling for the firing and arrest of the officers after the video went viral. The victim’s lawyers allegedly are filing a $1 million lawsuit.

What’s more alarming is that two of the three policeman in the video have already been accused in lawsuits for beating people in custody, with no record of being disciplined by the police department.

The victim in the video ended up going to the hospital “for being shot twice with the electric stun gun. There is no mention in the report of the kicking and stomping by the officers.”

The victim had been charged with engaging police in a pursuit, criminal possession of a firearm, theft of a firearm, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession of narcotics and interfering with an officer among other charges. He had not pressed charges against the police back in 2011 because he  reportedly did not have evidence against them.

Hats off to the anonymous videographer who captured the incident.

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