Reply to Professor Seidman’s “Away With the Constitution”

by Admin on January 29, 2013

We’ll cut to the chase here. We think Georgetown University’s Professor of Constitutional Law, Louis Michael Seidman, is off his rocker.
The professor recently released an op-ed article in The New York Times advocating that the U.S. Constitution is outdated and should be done away with. The article, written to garner publicity for his book On Constitutional Disobedience, states that our “obsession” with the Constitution has left us with a dysfunctional political system.

While we don’t argue that our public policymakers can be quite frustrating at times, we strongly disagree with Seidman’s proposed solution to dissolve the Constitution. Joe of Thai Law Forum, also a Constitutional scholar, describes his offense at the Professor’s statement and the importance of the enduring document.

Maybe Professor Seidman would rather join the United Socialist States of America?

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