Prostitution in the News: Elderly Prostitutes, Inmate’s Sex Change and More

by Admin on January 30, 2013

Brothel patrons exempt from privacy

A Maine judge has ruled that brothel patrons have no expectation for privacy. The judge dismissed 49 criminal accounts against a man accused of filming sexual encounters at his Zumba studio that doubled as a brothel.

The man was accused of breaching the privacy of those who paid to have sex at the studio.

According to Wired,  the defendant’s attorney won the case, arguing that “the state law protecting the privacy of people in dressing rooms, locker rooms and restrooms did not apply to those having illegal sex with a prostitute.”

Elderly prostitute charged

A 71-year-old woman was charged with prostitution last week at a motel in Westport, Connecticut.  Police arrested Sygun Liebhart in a sting operation after they saw the woman’s ad for escort services on a website.

Liebhart called herself “Lola,” and was put under surveillance after police saw the ad. Police then contacted her, and when she agreed to perform sex acts for money, she was taken into custody in her motel room, police said.

Virginia inmate seeking sex change

In Virginia, a federal appeals mandate ruled that an inmate is entitled to a full-court hearing for a sex-change operation.

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling returned Ophelia De’Lonta’s case to a lower court to be heard. Born a male and diagnosed with gender identity disorder, De’Lonta has been in prison for 30 years serving a 73-year sentence for bank robbery.

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De’Lonta filed a lawsuit in 2011 saying denial of a sex-change operation was in violation of the Eighth Amendment — freedom from cruel and unusual punishment. De’Lonta has repeatedly tried to castrate herself.

Corrections officials have provided her with psychological counseling and hormone treatments, and she has been allowed to dress as a woman in a men’s prison, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The appeals panel ruled only on the constitutional question of De’Lonta’s suit, and not her request for a sex-change operation. The sex-change operation could cost the state about $20,000.

In Thailand, transgender operations are common and the ladyboy culture is generally accepted.


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