UN’s Vague Anti-Terrorism Resolution Called New ‘Global Patriot Act’

by Admin on October 10, 2014

The United Nations Security Council unanimously passed an anti-terrorism measure on September 24, which calls for member states to crackdown on the travel of suspected foreign terrorists.

Abby Martin and Marina Portnaya, correspondents of RT’s Breaking the Set, expose Resolution 2178’s vaguely-worded text which they say has incited new privacy concerns as activists compare the resolution to the USA Patriot Act.

Portnaya explains that the resolution “requires governments to grant law enforcement authorities a wider scope to monitor and suppress the travel and other activities of suspected foreign terrorists,” which is why activists are concerned that the resolution could infringe on privacy rights on a global scale.

Chaninat and Leeds’ law office has a staff of expert Thailand investigators to gather and prepare evidence for litigation purposes.

Portnaya also notes that the resolution “could end up giving states new tools to crack down on separatist groups or dissidents or activists by actually branding them as terrorists.”

Watch “Did the UN just pass the global Patriot Act?”:

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