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Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Chaninat & Leeds specializes in cases of Thailand divorce and family law and has expertise in providing assistance in adoption cases.



Section 13. A trade association must have regulations, and such regulations must, at least, contain the following particulars :

(1) name ;
(2) objects ;
(3) office address ;
(4) procedures for admitting and excluding a member to and from the trade association, as well as the rights and duties of a member ;
(5) the operation of the trade association, the appointment, retirement and meeting of the directors, as well as the general meeting.

The regulations of a trade association must be registered with the Registrar at the same time as the filing of the application to establish the trade association. If the Registrar considers it appropriate, he may order the regulations to be amended before issuing a license.

Section 14. A trade association, more than one-half of the total number of the members of which are not of Thai nationality, may be established and may exist only in Changwat Phra Nakhon or Changwat Thon Buri.
A trade association shall have a clearly legible name-plate placed in front of its office.

Section 15. The name of a trade association must be in Thai characters, but may be accompanied by foreign characters after of below the Thai characters, and the name used must only be that contained in the regulations. The phrase "of Thailand", or that of a similar meaning,

Shall not be used as a part of the name of a trade association.

Section 16. No person, not being a trade association, shall use a name containing "Trade Association" in Thai characters or foreign characters which can be translated or read as "Trade Association" in a seal, name plate, letter, notice, or other business document except in an application to establish a trade association.

Section 17. The Registrar shall have the power to issue a written order requiring any person to appear for enquiry or to send a document for the purpose of the consideration concerning an application to establish a trade association.

Chapter 3
Operation of a Trade Association

Section 18. A trade association shall have a Board to operate the trade association and to be its representative in dealing with outsiders. For this purpose, the Board may authorize one or more directors to act on its behalf.

Section 19. Apart from the retirement under the regulations of a trade association, a director of the trade association shall vacate his office upon being a bankrupt of punished by a final judgement under this Act, and is henceforth disqualified from being a director in any trade association unless a period of three year has elapsed from the discharge from bankruptcy or the day of the discharge from punishment.

Section 20. A member of trade association has a right to demand the examination of activities and the property of the trade association by filing a written application with the trade association.

Section 21. A trade association may operate only in the following activities :

(1) promoting the engagement of the enterprises of the categories contained in its objects ;
(2) supporting and assisting its members overcoming various obstacles, including the negotiation with outsiders for the common benefit of the engagement of the enterprises of the categories contained in its objects, observing and following up the movements of both domestic and foreign markets concerning the goods dealt with by its members, for the benefit of trade, economy or security of the country ;
(3) making researches concerning the engagement of the enterprises of the categories contained in its objects, exchanging and dissemination technical knowledge as well as trading information concerning such enterprises ;
(4) requesting for statistics or documents or any information concerning the engagement of the enterprises of the categories contained in its objects from its members provided it be with their consent ;
(5) promoting the quality of the goods produced or distributed by persons engaged in enterprises who are its members, so as to bring it up to the standard, and researching in and improving the methods of production and trade for better results ;
(6) co-operating with the government in the promotion of trade, industry; finance or any other business in economic field within its objectives ;
(7) promoting production so that there may be sufficient supply of goods for the demand of both domestic and foreign markets ;
(8) making agreement or laying down rules requiring its members to act or to refrain from acting so as to enable the engagement of the enterprises of the categories contained in its objects to run in an orderly manner ;
(9) compromising disputes between its members or between its members and outsiders in the engagement of enterprises.

Section 22. A trade association shall not act in any of the following :

(1) engaging itself in an enterprise, or managing an enterprise of its member, or participation in, holding the shares of, being a partner or contributing capital to, the engagement of an enterprise with any person ;
(2) acting in any way to suppress or increase the price of goods or services excessively or causing unstability concerning the price of goods or services ;
(3) giving or lending money to a member or any other persons except for public charity or under a moral obligation, or social appropriateness ;
(4) acting in any way to increase, reduce or restrict production, amount of goods distributed or other services, and such action is detrimental to the domestic or foreign market of trade, finance, or economy of the country ;
(5) acting in any way to destroy competition which may normally be entertained in the engagement of an enterprise except where it is an implementation of a govermental policy or regulation;
(6) acting in any way that may be a threat to the economy or security of the country or to public order or good morals ;
(7) obstructing or preventing any person who is qualified to be a member under the regulations of the trade association from becoming a member, or forcing a person in any way against his will to become a member, or forcing a member by a dishonest motive to resign from the trade association, or contrary to the regulations of the trade association ; (8) disclosing statistics, documents or information concerning the private interest of any member except with a written consent from such member ;
(9) authorising or permitting any person who is not a director to perform the duty of a director.

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