Hot! 95 Apply for Professional Course in Prostitution

Indian Express | For 100 euros, students are taught the history of the world’s oldest profession, how to use erotic toys and the most popular positions contained within the Kama Sutra, the Daily Mail reported.

The school began advertising the course in May, but within weeks the Valencian regional government filed a case with prosecutors, alleging that the school promoted prostitution, which is illegal in Spain, the Daily Mail reported.

But prosecutors said that there was not any evidence that a criminal offence had been committed because advertisements for students did not promote prostitution, constitute fraud and were not aimed at minors, according to The Times.

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  1. Sex toys are illegal in Thailand but some deceiving international companies such as are trying to trick foreigners living in Thailand and facing them with embarrassment and financial loss.
    Additionally, there are many South Asian (Japan Originated) companies ensuring to ship (วัตถุลามก) (Means sexual item) products to Thailand. It is not allowed to receive or buy such items, however these companies are abusing the illiteracy of tourists and foreigners in Thailand and such items are seized and destroyed, and no compensation is supplied back to customer. A Japanese oriented company operating under Kanojo Toys, officially Octa Trade is one those companies that has caused enormous misguidance and financial loss to unaware customers/importers.

    Please be aware of, any products labelled as (วัตถุลามก) (Means sexual item) can not be imported (No matter what you have been advertised by companies such as Japanese OctaTrade, Kanojo Toys etc.) to the kingdom and please comply with laws.

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