Hot! A UK pensioner faces 350 lashes for Possessing Wine in Saudi Arabia

A 74 year old grandfather from the UK is facing 350 lashes in a public flogging for possessing wine, in Saudi Arabia where alcohol is illegal.

As the Washington Post reports, Karl Andree lived in Saudi Arabia for 25 years working in the oil industry.

Image Credit: Quinn Dombrowski (Flickr)

In August 2014 he was arrested by religious police in Jiddah after they allegedly found bottles of homemade wine in his car.

He was sentenced to one year in jail and 350 lashes. However, two months after his jail term ended, he has not been released as the Saudi authorities are unsure whether to carry out the second part of his punishment.

His children made an emotional appeal on Monday, asking British Prime Minister David Cameron to step in to help their father. The family have already attempted to sway the Saudi government through the British Embassy in Riyadh but without success.

Cameron’s office has indicated that he will be writing to Saudi authorities.

Andree’s daughter Kristen told The Sun “My dad broke the rules in a country that does not allow alcohol, but he’s served his time. Dad is 74 and not a well man. I worry he won’t survive this ordeal.”

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