Hot! Airbnb Hints at Major Partnership with Thai Government

Last week, Airbnb hosts were standing on shaky ground after the company informed them that they were breaking the law by operating in Thailand. One day later though, Airbnb eased those concerns by announcing that they are closing in on a deal with the Thai government to bring the companies activities above board, according to Khao Sod English.

Recent court rulings have stated that any person renting a room, apartment, or condo for daily or weekly rental in Thailand without a license is in violation of the Hotels Act of 2004.

Airbnb hopes the new partnership will quickly pave the way to amendments in current Thai law that will provide the short-term rental platform to operate legally.

As of now, there are over 60,000 Airbnb listings in Thailand, generating 4 billion baht in untaxed revenues for hosts in just the last year.

Although it looks highly unlikely that any changes are right around the corner, Airbnb will continue to operate in the country while the government fights to find ways to regulate and tax the platform.

Read the full story here.

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