Hot! Arizona Authorities Must Return Pot

Authorities Required to Return Marijuana

Phoenix, Arizona authorities are being forced to return a California woman’s marijuana, after a ruling by the state Court of Appeals.

The Yuma Sun is reporting that the judges rejected arguments from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office that returning Valerie Okun’s marijuana would violate federal drug laws. Appellate Judge Diane Johnsen, writing for a unanimous court, ruled that since Okun is a registered medical marijuana user, the state does not have a right to take the drugs.

In adition, “the sheriff is immune from prosecution under federal law for acts taken in compliance with a court order,” she wrote, in response to deputies’ concerns that returning the marijuana would get them in trouble.


Flickr photo courtesy of eggrole


  1. Good! I am glad to hear they had to give it back. They shouldn’t have taken it in the first place!

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