Hot! Cambodian Land Disputes Force Thousands from Homes

The Star | The city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia has become a place of displacement as the government has allowed large developments to take place.
In 2007, the city granted a 99-year, US$79 million lease to develop the lake and its surroundings to Shukaku Inc. - a previously unknown development firm owned by ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) senator Lao Meng Khin. It plans to build shops, apartments, and villas at the site where no residents had been consulted.
In 2008 Shukaku began construction forcing many of the people in the area to accept a $8,500 resettlement fee or houses located more than 20 kilometers from the city.
More than 3,000 families conceded but there are still some who are fighting to keep their homes. However, a lack of formal land titles means Cambodian families have no legal recourse when their homes are being threatened. Even with land titles, there are no guarantees their property rights will be upheld.

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