Hot! Canada Makes History as Second Country to Legalize Marijuana

Canada is set to become the first western nation to fully legalize recreational weed, and second in the world after Uruguay, according to Zero Hedge.

The bill–which legally allows the sell and purchase of cannabis from regulated retail stores–passed the senate in a 52-29 vote.

Now, the legislation only needs to pass ceremonial approval by the governor-general to become law, although the date for when the law will actually take effect remains undecided as retailers need time to stock up their shops.

For decades, Canada’s culture has generally been favorable towards the use of pot, especially since it was made legal for medicinal purposes in 2001.

But the legislation does have its caveats. Even after it is officially implemented, possessing over 30 grams, growing more than four plants in a household, or buying from an unauthorized dealer will still be punishable offenses.

Analysts say that weed sales in Canada could total up to C$7 billion a year.

Read the full story here.

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