Hot! China Further Tightening Internet Control

Thomas Klebestreifen

A new law passed in China will further tighten internet control and relinquish the privacy of internet users. The “Decision to Strengthen the Protection of Online Information” contains provisions that require internet and telecommunications providers to gather personal information from customers who sign up for internet access and mobile or land-line phones. When users publish online, they must connect their real identities to the information they post, allowing authorities to more easily identify commentators.

Human rights activists like Human Rights Watch say the Decision is an “effort to silence critics and curb anonymity online by further conscripting internet companies to monitor and censor users.”

Freedom of expression is granted to the Chinese in their Constitution, but the Chinese government continues to suppress free speech. While this isn’t an outright suppression, it will quiet voices that would otherwise speak out in anonymity. This isn’t the first time the People’s Republic of China has tried to implement “Real name registration.” The effort was part an internet security agenda that began in 2010.

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