Hot! Court Allows Rapist Visitation Rights to Victim’s Child

Lawmakers in Nebraska are proposing a bill to fight such a thing from happening

Nebraska lawmakers are working on a bill that would refuse rapists the rights to child custody or child visitation with regards to offspring that arise from assault they inflicted.

The bill comes after a rapist was awarded one-on-one visitation rights with a child from the woman he had sexually assaulted.

To the woman’s disbelief, the man is now seeking overnight custody rights.

State Sen. Sara Howard of Omaha is sponsoring the bill to prevent such a ruling from happening again.

Child custody lawyers have praised the bill saying that no mother should have to undergo such a traumatic experience.

According to One News Now, a similar case took place in the state in which a “Nebraska man convicted of assaulting and impregnating a 13-year-old girl sued to block a couple from adopting the baby after its birth. State lawmakers passed legislation to prevent a rapist’s intervention in such a case.”

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