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Instrument of Ratification

WHEREAS the Treaty between the Kingdom of Thailand and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Relating to Extradition was signed at Dhaka on 9 July 1998 by the duly authorized Representatives of the Governments of the Kingdom of Thailand and of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh; and

WHEREAS Article 19 of the Treaty provides that this Treaty shall be subject to ratification; the instruments of ratification shall be exchanged at Bangkok as soon as possible and this Treaty shall enter into force upon the exchange of the instruments of ratification;

having considered the aforesaid Treaty, ‘hereby confirms and ratifies the same and undertakes to faithfully perform and carry out all the stipulations contained therein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Instrument of Ratification is signed and sealed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand.

DONE at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Bangkok, this 4th day of December in the Year Two thousand Five hundred and Forty-three of the Buddhist Era, corresponding to the Year Two thousand of the Christian Era.


(Surin Pitsuwan)
Minister of Foreign Affairs
of the Kingdom of Thailand


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