Hot! ‘Dog’ Chapman Denied UK Entry

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman has been denied a visa to the UK due to a murder conviction from the late 1970s. The reality TV star from the show ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ was to appear in another reality show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ but has been denied entry into the country.

The murder conviction came when he was in a car outside a house where his friend had gone inside to buy marijuana. The friend got into an argument with the dealer and shot him. He and others in the group were all found guilty of murder and Chapman was sentenced to fiver years in prison and was paroled after 18 months.

In the past he has traveled outside the U.S., including Mexico, where he went to capture serial rapist and fugitive Andrew Luster in 2003.

Former police officer Charles Love, who was the responding officer in the murder, submitted a declaration saying that “Chapman’s role in the crime was minor,” and that he was a model inmate until he was granted early release. He went on to say he “deserved a second chance.”

According to the UK Border Agency’s refusal notice provided by the Chapmans, the visa was denied because of the conviction and because his application didn’t include enough information about his visit.

Chapman is appealing the visa denial and hoping for a last-minute decision, even though the show was to start this week.

For a U.S. visa applicants must also inform the USCIS of any criminal convictions, to be considered for entry. Persons with criminal convictions may denied entry into the U.S. Waivers are available for certain cases.

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