Hot! First-ever Brit Extradited to Thailand

British Citizen Lee Aldhouse, suspected of murdering a former US Marine in Phuket, is a criminal suspect of the first-ever case of successful extradition from Britain to Thailand.

After the British High Court rejected Aldhouse’s appeal against extradition, Aldhouse arrived in Thai custody to Phuket on Sunday for trial of murdering Dashawn Longfellow. Dashawn was believed to have been holidaying in Thailand, Dashawn was allegedly killed by Aldhouse, who was involved in Muay Thai, after they got into a bar fight in Phuket, on Aug. 14, 2010.

“The Thai authorities had fought for his extradition for two years and this is the first time in 101 years that the UK has approved a request,” said Pol Col Sinard Ajhanwong, Commander of Thai Interpol Region 3. “Prior to this case, they had declined to send suspects back, even when they were not British citizens. This time, however, they extradited a British national to us, so that emphasises the significance of this case.”

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