Hot! Four More States Introduce Marijuana Legislation

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Four more states have introduced legislation that would affecting the legalization of marijuana to varying degrees. Florida’s legislation would legalize marijuana use for medicinal purposes only. A resolution recently passed in Idaho, proclaiming opposition to marijuana and its cultural acceptance. That resolution was introduced alongside another that did not pass, which would’ve called for federal intervention in other states where marijuana is already illegal. The bill’s sponsor stated that the drug’s cultural acceptance in neighboring state’s was affecting its perception in Idaho, which would ultimately encourage drug use among children.

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In Maine, legislation was introduced that would allow the possesion of up to two and half ounces of marijuana, as well as the cultivation of marijuana plants. Medical marijuana is already legal in Maine.

And in Oregon, a bill was introduced into the House that would legalize the possession, use and sale of marijuana.

The four states join a long list of other states introducing their own marijuana legislation.

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