Hot! Georgia Passes ‘Booze Law’

Breweries can now sell directly to consumers

Georgia’s Senate Bill 85, also called the booze bill, was signed into law on Monday allowing breweries and distilleries to sell directly to consumers effective September 1st.

The law was first introduced in January and allows breweries to sell up to 3000 barrels of beer annually to consumers and allows local distilleries to directly sell 500 barrels of spirits per year.

For off-site consumption, consumers will be able to purchase a case of beer and three 750 ml bottles of liquor at a time from brewers and distillers, respectively.

The law cuts down the need for middle men making alcohol directly available to buyers.

“I think the final bill is great progress for Georgia beer,” Jason Santamaria, cofounder of Second Self Beer Company, tells Eater Atlanta. “It needed to happen in order for Georgia beer to remain competitive in an already competitive industry. This will change the brewing and beer culture of the whole state.”

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