Hot! IKEA Follow Suit in Thailand, Pulls Meatballs From Shelves

022613_IKEA_Gerard Stolk vers le Midi-Careme

As accusations of IKEA using horsemeat in its meatballs in stores across the globe grow, the furniture mega-store is now pulling the products from shelves in Thailand.

After an inspector in the Czech Republic found the company’s frozen snack contained horsemeat, though the label said it contained only pork and beef, IKEA withdrew the product from stores in 12 European countries.

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Now, the Bangkok Post reports that IKEA is pulling the frozen meatballs from its outlet store in Bang Na, Thailand, as well as stores in Hong Kong and the Dominican Republic.

Read the full article here.


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Flickr photo courtesy of Gerard Stolk (vers le Midi-Careme)

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