Hot! The Inhumane Laws of the North Korean Regime

Recent clashes between President Trump and Kim Jong Un have put North Korea in the spotlight. Last month, The Telegraph reported on the draconian laws the country is renowned for.

All of North Korea’s media is produced by the state, and all reporting is subject to strict government regulations. Much of the information that the West has been able to glean about the country has come from refugees who have managed to escape.

North Korea’s government goes to great lengths to maintain a strong sense of nationalism, and interracial relationships are prohibited. There have been reports of female defectors being forced to undergo abortions after becoming pregnant in China, or having their babies smothered after birth.

In order to eliminate all Western influence, the practice of religions, particularly Christianity, is forbidden and punishable by a sentence in a labor camp. When an individual is sent to one of these camps, their immediate family is often forced to go with them.

Setting up any kind of business or private enterprise is strictly forbidden. Instead, citizens are forced to rely on the government for food, medicine and basic necessities. As a result, there is currently a mass undernourishment crisis, with many people starving to death.

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North Korean Refugees in Thailand

Many refugees from North Korea have escaped to Thailand on their journey to freedom. Tomoharu Ebihara, director of the Association for the Rescue of North Korea Abductees, spoke with Thai Law Forum about this, and how North Korea has abducted people from Thailand as well as at least 11 other countries.

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