Hot! Landmark Lawsuit Win Against Gun Dealer

Gun safety activists are celebrating in Wisconsin after victims of a shooting successfully sued the gun dealer that sold the pistol used to injure them.

Image Credit: Mitch Barrie (Flickr)

Image Credit: Mitch Barrie (Flickr)

A jury awarded over $5m in damages to two police officers who were shot by an 18 year old, using a gun illegally bought for him by an older friend.

As The Guardian reports, it is believed that this is the first lawsuit of its kind to successfully fight against the US gun industry, in the 10 years since federal legislation was passed to protect gun makers and sellers.

Accident lawyer Patrick Dunphy said: “The goal was both to achieve justice for themselves but also for others in this community. We need to clean things up around here.”

This is the second lawsuit of its kind to reach jury stage at trial, but the other case, in Alaska, found in favor of the gun shop.

Read the full story here.

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