Hot! Lawyer Indicted for Extorting $1M from Clients in Fake Cases

ABC News | An attorney in South Carolina who specialized in litigating high-profile criminal cases and civil cases faces a 10-count federal indictment for extortion and fraud, and a maximum of 20 years in prison on each count.

Richard J. Breibart started using his formidable legal talents to get people to pay him enormous sums of money so he could charges or investigations against them go away. However, there were never any charges or investigations against these people. The cases were fake.

Then the lawyer shut down his offices and website and when an FBI investigation was done he was arrested and charged with five counts of extortion, four counts of mail fraud and one coutn of wire fraud. According to the indictment Breibart devised his plan to obtain money and property from clients by means of false pretenses.

Thailand has also had its share of conmen lawyers who were operating without licenses. In some cases a person will set up their own law firm and stay undetected while illegally bringing in money from their clients who have no knowledge that they are not registered as a Thailand lawyer.

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