Hot! Literally an Eye for an Eye: Sharia Law Shocks Again

The Iranian Supreme Court has ordered for a man to have his eye gouged out in retribution for blinding a man during a brawl.

Image Credit: AquaLungBX

Image Credit: AquaLungBX

During their fight, Saman, 28, blinded the victim, a 25 year old named Jamal accidently with a metal rod. Now, under Sharia law Saman owes him an eye.

Blogger Jonathan Turley commented on the sentence:

“These “courts” are merely extensions of the Islamic clerics who maintain control over the political and legal systems in the country. The ordering of such barbaric punishments make it difficult to discern the true difference with groups like ISIS other than a pretense of judicial process. Yet even in countries like Saudi Arabia (which are close allies to the United States) Sharia law is portrayed as a test of faith and some ideal system of justice. In reality, it is a crude version of retributive justice that is only slightly more developed than the state of nature.”

It is not yet clear when the sentence will be carried out.

Read more on this story here and here.

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