Hot! Man Fired after Attempting to Buy a Teenage Girl’s Virginity Online



According to Talk Radio, a manager of SVT, one of Sweden’s top national broadcasters, has been fired after attempting to purchase the virginity of a 14-year old girl online.

The man, whose name has been withheld, was using a ‘sugar dating’ website to look for sex. He was under the impression that he was talking to a teenage girl, but in fact, it was a reporter who was working on an investigation for the Expressen newspaper.

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The journalist, Lisah Sifwer, says the man had offered her 9,000 SEK (37,500 baht) for her virginity. It was only when they arranged to meet that she revealed her identity.

The man was immediately fired, and SVT released a statement saying that information about the incident had been passed to police.

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Image: Sonu Singh

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