Hot! Mom Fights For “Ava’s Law” and Autism Coverage

48:365 World Autism Awareness Day

A Georgia mother is fighting to pass legislation that would require health insurance companies to cover “evidence-driven treatment” for those with autism. The law is termed “Ava’s Law” after Anna Bullard’s 8-year-old autistic daughter. Bullard was shocked when she learned her insurance would not cover early intensive therapy for Ava, and took to the halls Georgia’s state capital to fight it. Georgia is one of 18 states that does not require health insurance companies to cover autism treatment.

Early intensive treatment for autism is expensive. Bullard’s efforts are sending off alarms with insurance companies, who fear having to pay upwards of $50,000 per child, per year for the therapy. Supporters of the law say the early treatment is critical, and reduces the number of children who need treatment long-term, which would end up costing more. The advocacy group Autism Speaks estimated that such long-term costs end up costing society over $126 billion annually, due to lost productivity and adult care.

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Ava and Anna are waiting for a Senate hearing to make their case, which will likely not be until after spring.

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