Hot! Muslim Protest Shuts Down U.S. Embassy in Bangkok

Photo by Steve Evans

The U.S. Embassy closed at noon Tuesday as over 300 Muslims protested against the U.S. government in Bangkok over an anti-Islam film.

The demonstrators waved placards condemning the movie and yelled “Destroy America” as they marched from Lumpini Park to the embassy.

The demonstrators’ group leader Niyaz stated that the people responsible for the film “should be punished.” The controversial film, “Innocence of Muslims,” was posted on YouTube and has sparked Muslim protests across the globe.

The protestors reached the embassy around 2 p.m. where Thai police were guarding the U.S. embassy. Earlier the embassy had posted that they would be closed during the protest for security measures. The protestors were not violent and finished with burning the American and Israeli flags as rain covered the streets.

Yesterday, AFP reported that an al-Qaeda franchise in North Africa urged Muslims to storm US embassies and kill American envoys in Muslim countries in protest over the film, a monitoring group said.

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