Hot! Myanmar President Proposes Interfaith Marriage Ban

Myanmar’s President Thein Sein recently proposed a law banning inter-faith marriage between Buddhists and Muslims (and other religions) with the stated intent of “protecting” Buddhists, reported The Bangkok Post.

The proposals would also include a ban on polygamy and legislation to “balance the increasing population”. The proposal is believed to have been influenced by extremist Buddhist monk, Wirathu who has been campaigning for a law to force non-Buddhist men wishing to marry a Buddhist woman to convert or face 10 years in jail.

The former military junta ruled country has seen a surge in Buddhist nationalism in recent years as well as increasingly high levels of violence towards Muslims. The United Nations now consider Myanmar’s minority Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine one of the world’s most persecuted peoples.

In Thailand, there is currently no general inter-faith marriage ban. However, there are four Southern provinces that control legal affairs for the Thai Muslim population in that area. However, in general foreigners who wish to marry in Thailand do so pursuant to Thai secular law and not  pursuant to Islamic Law (although Islamic marriages occur).

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