Hot! Doi Suthep Cleared For Court Offices

800px-Doisuthepnationalpark0408aA project for the construction of residential areas for judicial staff and court offices has received widespread criticism as being “unnecessary, costly and damaging”. However, it is not the first time the judicial institution has faced opposition whilst “refurbishing” their offices.

In 2012, they tore down the 50 year old historic Supreme Court buildings in Bangkok to build new ones. Although, they faced fierce competition, the buildings still went up. The Court of Justice defends their new residential plans that the buildings are being built next to protected land and is not a part of the national park.

Locals have complained about the 1 billion baht project being built in “such a scenic area” and if anything the project will become an eyesore and damage the environment. The buildings are to be completed later this year.

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Image: Doi Suthep National Park

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