Hot! NYPD Muslim Surveillance Program Under Fire

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Civil rights lawyers are asking for the disbanding of a New York Police Department Muslim surveillance program in an evolving, long-running  lawsuit. The lawyers are saying the NYPD’s practice of spying on Muslims in restaurants, mosques and other public places is a violation of a 1985 landmark settlement that made surveillance of war protesters without evidence illegal.

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Termed the “Handschu lawsuit,” the lawsuit was filed when activists claimed the NYPD was spying on Vietnam War protesters in the 1960s and ’70s. What resulted was an agreement that set time limits on investigations, and allowed the NYPD to only use surveillance tactics when they had evidence of criminal activity, and only after its surveillance tactics were vetted. After 9/11, however, the law was relaxed.

The civil rights lawyers now are saying the department has been spying on Muslims with no evidence of unlawful or suspicious activity.

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