Hot! Opium Addict Recovers Through Thai ‘Vomit Therapy’

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Daily Mail | In a new book entitled ‘Opium Fiend, a 21st Century Slave to a 19thCentury Addiction,’ former opium addict Steven Martin details his opium addiction and his recovery in Thailand.Martin, who would smoke up to 30 pipes a day, was a freelance journalist in Southeast Asia who had years addicted to the opium drug. After experiencing a high fever, chills, stomach pains, and diarrhoea he sought help at Thailand’s Tham Krabok Monastery.The monastery treats both Thai and foreign addicts through Buddhist monastic discipline and a vomit-inducing herbal drink.

Martin describes the ‘vomit therapy’ as simply kneeling over a trough and drinking an ‘muddy potion’ which resulted in bouts of throwing-up. The ritual was repeated every day to cleanse the body of the opium

In the space known as the Gold Triangle in the areas of Laos, Myanmar and northern Thailand, opium remains the world’s number two opium producer, after Afghanistan.  Most opium is refined into heroin, which has supplanted opium as the illicit drug of choice.  

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