Hot! Pennsylvania Now Allows Semi-Automatics for Hunting

PA becomes the 49th state to permit semi-automatic guns for hunting

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Pennsylvania just passed a law that permits the use of semi-automatic rifles and handguns for hunting purposes reports Pittsburg Post Gazette.

Under the law, use of the guns will be regulated by the Game Commission, which is expected to adopt regulations in 2017.

Co-sponsor of the bill, Sen. Scott Hutchinson, R-Venango is quoted as saying “I am pleased that this measure is now law in Pennsylvania, I’ve heard from numerous sportsmen and women who would like to use the same semi-automatic rifles for hunting that they practice with at the firing range, but Pennsylvania is one of the few states that [had disallowed] these firearms for hunting of any kind.”

Post Gazette reports, “The Senate bill was approved Oct. 26 by a vote of 40-7. The next day, the House voted, 160-25, in favor of HB 263. On Monday, the governor signed it into law.”

Pennsylvania now becomes the 49th state to allow the use of semi-automatic guns for hunting.

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