Hot! Pregnant Man Files for Divorce

Divorce PapersThomas Beatie or the “pregnant man” is now filing for divorce from his wife Susan Juliette. The couple married in Hawaii where gay marriage is legal and Thomas, who still has female organs, gave birth to three children.

But a judge is questioning whether the couple’s marriage was legally valid in the first place. Hawaii recognizes Thomas as a man but in Arizona, where he lives now, does not because he still had female organs when he married Nancy. The state also does not allow same-sex marriages.

Even though it would be easier, and cheaper, for Thomas to state the marriage was not valid this transgender is fighting to have the marriage recognized. Instead it’s about Thomas feeling that he is male and in the words of his attorney that “he’s a valid person.”

However, Thailand has a large medical industry that highlights transgender surgery and treatment as well as fertility services. Surrogacy in Thailand is also a growing industry.


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