Hot! Russian Mother Arrested in US for Denying Father of Child-Custody



Russian mother ordered to stay in US in child custody battle.

Washington – A U. S. court has ordered a Russian woman to be arrested last month in a child-custody battle with her ex-husband over her 3-year old daughter.

Olga Pimanova, 30 was released on June 6 from house arrest by a circuit court in Chicago but was ordered to hand over her Russian passport keeping her in the country, unable to leave until a decision is made in the legal  fight with her ex- husband over their daughter, according to lawyer Fedor Kozlov, reports RFE/RL.

Pimanova was arrested not long after her arrival in Chicago on grounds that “the court found her in violation of the court order because she didn’t come back with the daughter. She came back only by herself,” said Kozlov.

Kremlin’s children’s rights government official, Pavel Astakhov has accused U.S authorities of detaining Pimanova “as a hostage” which he stated on Twitter.

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