Hot! Saudi “Eye for an Eye” Policy Demands Paralysis for Prisoner

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Today, the “eye-for-an-eye” policy of Islamic law, called “Qisas” or “equal retaliation,” is a relatively rare form of punishment, but a Saudi court is calling for the penalty in the case of a man who stabbed his best friend in the backbone ten years ago.

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The court has ruled that Ali Al-Khawahir be “fully paralyzed” unless he pays a fine of $529,000 demanded by the victim. Al-Khawahir has been in prison since he was 14 after paralyzing his friend in the incident. The prisoner’s mother, in fear of her son’s potential paralysis, has been begging for people to contribute to her son’s fund.

The International Business Times reports that “it has not been specified how Al-Khawahir will be paralyzed, but it has been speculated that his spinal chord will be severed.”

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