Hot! Sex Doll Brothel in Hong Kong Allows Shoppers to Try Before They Buy

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A sex doll brothel in Hong Kong is now letting those interested in purchasing a sex doll to try it before they buy it–and for the cheap price of $63 for one hour.

In Hong Kong, prostitution is legal but soliciting a prostitute, operating a brothel where two or more people are employed, or living off the profits of prostitution are illegal.

At This Mary, the brothel in question, the legal line is blurred considering there are no human sex workers.

The company hopes that by letting their customers spend one hour with one of their three silicone sex dolls, they will be more likely to buy one to take home.

The price of a sex doll sold by This Mary is between $2,000-$4,000.

The owner of This Mary though, says that legal implications and hygiene are huge roadblocks for his business to be successful but he hopes the hour-long sex doll promotion will draw more customers.

Read the full story here.

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