Hot! Shock Over Black Magic Child Sacrifice in Nepal

Nine people in the Nawalparasi district of Southwest Nepal have been arrested on charges of murdering a 10 year old boy in what villagers described as a human sacrifice, reports International Business Times.

Image Credit: Sharada Prasad CS (Flickr)

Rural Nepal. Image Credit: Sharada Prasad CS (Flickr)

10 year old Jeevan Kohar was apparently lured by a packet of biscuits and the promise of 50 rupees (78 cents), by Kodai Harijan, a worried father whose son was sick.

The suspect, then allegedly slit the boy’s throat, following advice from a shaman who said his sons health would improve as a result of the sacrifice.

The shaman (a spiritual healer or ‘witch doctor’) had told Harijan that this would “chase away the evil spirits”.

Nal Prasad Upadhyaya, police superintendent of Nawalparasi district, said:

“All the villagers say the boy was killed in a case of human sacrifice, because the suspects were superstitious and believed in witchcraft.”

Nine people have been arrested and will be charged with murder.

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