Hot! Six Thais Arrested in the US Exporting Weapons To Thailand

Thailand Gun Control

The Nation has reported that six Thais were arrested over the weekend in the US for conspiring from 2011 to date to export restricted firearms parts to Thailand from the U.S. It is alleged that the six men did not obtain proper licenses to make the shipments and used false names and invoices in an attempt to avoid getting caught. Prosecutors added the various firearms were packed in specific ways designed to avoid detection by X-ray scanners. It is thought that more than 240 shipments of restricted firearms components were sent in total.

The arrests comes at a time when incidents involving guns are allegedly on the rise in Thailand. Thailand Criminal Law requires that individuals must acquire gun licenses before obtaining a firearm. Foreigners may obtain gun licenses in Thailand as long as they have a Thai work permit, a Thai house registration, and a Thai criminal record check. Tourists may not legally buy firearms

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