Hot! Taiwan Court Rules Same Sex Marriage is Legal

Ministry of Justice will come up with a legal framework next

Taiwan’s much awaited ruling on same sex marriage was given yesterday by the island’s Constitutional Court marking a victory for the LGBT community.

The justices stated that the current laws prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying violate their personal freedom and equal protection because sexual orientation is an “immutable characteristic that is resistant to change.”

In compliance with the ruling, Taiwan’s President has given the Ministry of Justice two years to come up with a legal framework for same sex marriage. If that deadline passes without legislative action, same-sex couples will be allowed to register for marriage and obtain “the status of a legally recognized couple.”

This is a major breakthrough for the LGBT community in Asia. Amnesty International’s campaign manager for South Asia, Lisa Tassi said to NPR, “This is a huge step forward for LGBTI rights in Taiwan and will resonate across Asia.”

Taiwan will be the first country in Asia to legalize same sex marriage.

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