Hot! 22 Year Old Thai American Inherits a Billion Dollars


Erica Jasmine Baldwin Gibson received a letter earlier this year from her distant Californian grandmother, Dextra, who passed away leaving her 32 billion Baht in stock and bonds from her deceased fathers oil company.

When her father passed away from liver cancer, the family was residing in Hawaii with only 3,200 baht left to their name. The family did not contact Dextra as it was not American custom to ask for support from the deceased husbands’ family.

Prakong, Erica’s mother, got a loan from the US government and eventually opened a Thai restaurant in Kauai, Hawaii. Erica comments that the fortune has not really affected her life and her mother and her decided not to rely on the money as they liked what they had and “didn’t want to change”.

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Their luck continued as they found out the land they owned in Kanchanaburi has mineral water under it and are now starting a mineral water business.

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